Rome 2004 Day 3

Wednesday 14 th July 2004

That morning I had to get up really early to have breakfast ready for setting of for a train to Capri . Me, Dorothy, Dug, Eric and Linda set off on the bus to go to the train station. We had to get a train to Termini and then from there a 3 and half hour trip on the Euro star train all the way to Naples . Once we arrived we found a tour guide straight way and set of to Pompei. After spending around 2 hours exploring Pompei which is so big it would take weeks to explore the whole place.

We then set of to the dock to get a jet boat all the way to Capri were we had tea and did a bit of exploring before catching another jet boat to Naples to meet up with the tour guide and set of on the Euro star back to Rome. From Rome we got a taxi to take us the long way around Rome to the hotel so we could catch a glimpse of Rome at night. We then got an early night as we had planned out next trip to Florence tomorrow morning.