Rome 2004 Day 1

Monday 12 th July 2004

Setting off on the start of my trips around Europe at 4am in the morning to be at the airport in time to fly out at 7:25am from Manchester airport which would be the first time I have every been on a plane and I loved every second of the 3 hour flight. From the way I felt weight less as we took off and the way my stomach felt like I left it on the ground.

I arrived in Rome at 11:25am European time and caught a taxi to my hotel the 4 star Hotel Colon. After I left my luggage at my hotel I decided to explore Rome .

I set out to see as many places I could before returning to the hotel for 8pm as this was the last bus to the hotel. I managed to explore the entrance to the Vatican City (Piazza San Pietro) and its surrounding, Including Castel Sant’Angelo and some of the shops and museums of the Vatican City Before returning to the hotel to settle into my first night at the hotel.