Zurich 2004 Day 1

 Monday 6 th September 2004

I had a mid day flight this time flying out at 4:30pm so had the day to get ready. I had already booked my tours when I booked the trip so I had all my days planed out a lot more organised than Geneva as I didn’t plan very well. I arrived at my hotel and it turned out that Expedia had over booked and I had changed my hotel so I had to get a taxi to the new hotel, which turned out to be only 3 stars and not 4 stars, which put a damper on the holiday but never mind there was no point ruining the trip so I put up with it. So I decided t have a walk around the centre of Zurich as the new hotel turned out to be in a better location and the bus station which I get all my tours from happened to be 5 minute walk from the hotel.