Geneva 2004 Day 4

Friday 27 th August 2004

My last day I finished packing, I checked out of the hotel. Then set off to explore the other bank of the lake as I didn’t have a flight till 9pm. I found a few parks with massive trees and a rose garden so spent some time looking around and then to use the last 3 hours I thought id watch my last film in French at the pictures. I watched I Robot. I already had seen this in English so I knew what everything meant whereas with Riddick I was a bit lost at some points, but still loved them both. Once the film had finished I went back to the hotel to pick up my luggage and set of to the airport and go shopping. We set off on time and by the time we got over Manchester it was dark and you could see all the street lights and it made Manchester looked completely different.

Thank you for reading about my trip and I hoped you enjoyed it. I will be placing Zurich ‘s journal as soon as it ready so keep checking back regular.


Paul Turner